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        by Stu Leventhal

Do not underestimate the power of cyber skill just because it is inexpensive! Becoming cyberspace smart, crafty and wise takes real dedication, experience, trial and error, experimentation, research and ingenuity. You will be competing online with some of our age’s top minds and crafty biz folks.

Of course you could also pay people to do your cyber marketing for you and or to create your web property for you which is still a good deal too because online marketers often charge a lot less than traditional offline marketing firms. You can even purchase a very complex website now-a-days, for a song; already SEO optimized and full of nice relevant content.

If you read GURU MARKETING TIPS – ‘The Online Offline Web Champion’ by Stu Leventhal then you know how fast and easy it really is to put together a seriously efficient, web empire simply by purchasing websites and blogs that people have abandoned and then tweaking them for your purposes.

Yes, there are quick and easy ways of finding very cheap websites to purchase that already rank for keyword phrases with search engines and already have tons of links leading to them built by their previous owners. String a few cheaply bought websites and blogs together and you are on your way to being a Web Guru Master Mind in your industry or field!

Do you realize how much easier it is to change around and edit an already ranking website you just bought so that it meets your needs than it is to build a new website from scratch and then attempt to turn it into a ranking website! You can purchase well ranking websites for less than twenty five USA dollars!

Remember the one thing I teach and stress most about GURU BUSINESS is that your time is money too. A big part of the GURU Biz Philosophy is that one of the major reasons we are choosing to go online with our genius business idea is that online tech allows us to start and grow a business at top speed! So when GURUs can buy cheap web property and it saves us time, we have to compute how much money we could make using our time elsewhere.

The most important aspect for Guru Business Success is to get the business idea out of the idea stage and into the implemented stage. Get your ideas started and get your web property up and live to support your ingenuities.

Do not mull things over! In cyberspace things can spiral so fast that you are mostly guessing as to what is going to be an instant winner and what will need more work to succeed. The cheapness of conducting commerce in cyberspace allows you to take risks online you could never afford to take offline. Take advantage of online speed and affordability to thrust your ideas into the winners circle!

Get your entrepreneurial ideas started fast; whether you have to do it all yourself or can buy it already started or hire some freelancers for assistance. Once you are underway it will be easier to learn what directions to move and expand in by monitoring your web properties' performances. Do not be afraid to test out biz ideas!

Being inexpensive and easy to 'learn how to do it yourself' is the real beauty of online activity.

The ‘do it yourself’ nature of online activity means that there are thousands of people who have already mastered what you wish to learn and they cannot hope to charge you too much for their services because if they do they know that you and all their customers will choose to just do it themselves. So, take advantage of what is cheap out there. You can’t learn everything!

Everything is for sale online, freelancers will be happy to even manage and maintain your online property for you but always keep in mind that one of the most beautiful, attractive aspects of online entrepreneurship is doing it FREE all by yourself! When you buy your way in, you are under more pressure for your purchases to start paying you back!

So purchase when it is to your advantage and in your best interest to purchase. Never let your online ineptness slow down your implementation of a business idea! Pay for help!

You have to strike while the fire is hot! You can learn when you have time to learn; there will always be more internet stuff to learn. Be mindful when you buy and purchase wisely!

*If you do decide to manage your online efforts all by yourself, you definitely need to realize you will be competing against people and companies with deep pockets! So, if you want to be successful, be prepared to spend a lot of time online when you are going into online promoting or starting a digital company with the idea of not spending any money. Lots of cyber business can be conducted totally free of advertising costs but there is a learning curve and you will have to put the time in to master frustrating techie things.

Read GURU MARKETING TIPS by Stu Leventhal

Take advantage of years of business acumen and learn practical, time tested biz wisdom that works for any industry! Get cyber smart, today!